NEW! Elastigroup Jenkins Plugin

This plug-in helps you to do more with your Jenkins setup, by allowing you to configure Jenkins to automatically scale a designated Amazon EC2 VMs as Slaves up or down depending on the number jobs to be completed.
Spotinst Plug-in enables you to get these resources with 100% uptime and 80% discount.

March 2016 Release Notes !

Brand new Mr.Scaler for EMR, CloudFormation Support, CodeDeploy integration, Personal access tokens, UI changes and much more!

Elastigroup & CloudFormation

As developers and DevOps engineers want to manage their infrastructure as a code using tools like AWS CloudFormation and HashiCorp Terraform, Spotinst is happy to release an easy integration for CloudFormation that ease the process of using Elastigroup custom resource, as part of a CloudFormation stack.

Implementing Blue/Green deployments with Elastigroup on AWS

An important technique for reducing the risk of deployments is known as Blue-Green Deployments. The current live production environment called “blue” while the new environment with the new version of your software called “green”.

Spotinst Supports On-Premise Installation

Today, We are happy to announce on a better and a higher level of security by releasing our On-Premise installation. Where Spotinst can be securely deployed within your own AWS account without any need for external communication.