Spotinst launches autonomous container management service

Autonomous Managed Container Service (MCS) reduces the complexity and effort required to scale containers, while saving up to 80% on compute costs

Aharon Twizer
Spotinst, Co-Founder and CTO

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 2, 2018 – Today, Spotinst launched its Managed Container Service technology (MCS), which integrates with the orchestration layer (e.g Kubernetes) to let developers and DevOps engineers run containers without managing the underlying servers or clusters.

Container orchestrators such as Kubernetes and ECS manage the placement of containers onto instances, freeing developers from the need to handle container scheduling and placement themselves. However, the provisioning, managing, and scaling of the underlying infrastructure which containers run on is still complex and results in significant overhead incurred by DevOps engineers.

Spotinst MCS is a management layer that resides between the container orchestration layer and the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. It leverages technology that continuously monitors performance and available resources, scales infrastructure up to accommodate for incoming containers, and scales infrastructure down when it is underutilized.
Spotinst MCS optimizes the size and makeup of the cluster, ensuring the best priced and sized instances for each specific workload.

Spotinst MCS augments Spotinst’s flagship product – Elastigroup; an intelligent cluster management system that enables DevOps engineers to save up to 80% on compute costs, by maintaining excess capacity as the underlying infrastructure. Elastigroup achieves high availability by leveraging predictive algorithms and smart resource allocation, and can seamlessly migrate containers between Spot and On-Demand instances when capacity is scarce.

Ticketmaster is using MCS to minimize infrastructure costs and reduce cluster management overhead. “Spotinst MCS was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex Kubernetes environments. It reduced our costs by 80% overnight.” said Shane Savoie, Chief Architect at Ticketmaster.

ClearCare, a health-tech startup based in San Francisco, has achieved 80% cost savings by running their workloads with Spotinst Elastigroup. Within a day of using MCS, the company was able to reduce their costs by an additional 60%. “It was really an out of the box solution.” says Glenn Poston, engineering manager at Clear care. “All we had to do was turn it on and we were done.”

“At Spotinst, our goal is to liberate Devops engineers by making running compute in the cloud as simple and as cost-effective as possible.” says Amiram Shachar, Spotinst Founder & CEO. “The release of MCS means that in addition to enabling workloads to run on excess cloud capacity, our customers can now leave the complex task of optimally scaling capacity based on the nature of the workload to us.”

Spotinst MCS is generally available to all Spotinst customers today. Visit the Spotinst MCS webpage to learn more about MCS, or navigate to the Spotinst console to get started.

Aharon Twizer
Spotinst, Co-Founder and CTO